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Kiarad is seeking individuals with technical support in the computer systems network with an organization in a technical position

Forklift Operators

We are seeking individuals that have been trained and experienced on all 3 types of lifts that may include but not limited to the reach truck, cherry picker, and sit down with at least 1-2 years experience.

Professional Positions

We are also looking for individuals that are willing to accept a direct hire position with long-term needs and usually a full-time position with benefits.


Kiarad Enterprise service is not just a staffing agency! It is a tool that creates opportunity for all mankind. A tool that helps people, small businesses, corporations, communities, and Memphis discover their passion and purpose for the products and services that are provided.



Other staffing services Include

We provides many different opportunities for our community. Here are more staffing positions we are looking to fill here at Kiarad.


We are seeking individuals with experience in relation to work in an office setting. Especially someone that can perform administrative tasks.


Kiarad is seeking individuals with technical support in monitoring the computer systems network with an organization in a technical position

Material Handling

We need individuals with experience in a warehouse productionfacility that can move products material from shelves with at least 3-6 months experience.

Warehouse Labor

Kiarad is seeking individuals that specialize in a labor position with distribution talent with at least 3-6 months experience.


Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

A great place to work in a small office environment, includes great benefits!Looking for a full-time administrative position? We are currently hiring! You will be responsible for providing administrative and office support to a department in a medium size office that...

Kiarad, Who We Are

Kiarad, Who We Are

Brian Johnson Talks about a PASSION for SUCCESS with JustMyMemphis! Kiarad. What is that? What does it mean? Is Kiarad a place? A person maybe? Is Kiarad just another made name of a business, organization, or entity? JustMyMemphis had the privilege of sitting down...



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