Brian Johnson

Talks about a PASSION for SUCCESS with JustMyMemphis!

Kiarad. What is that? What does it mean? Is Kiarad a place? A person maybe? Is Kiarad just another made name of a business, organization, or entity? JustMyMemphis had the privilege of sitting down with Brian Johnson, the owner of Kiarad, and to him, “Kiarad” is so much more than just another name. Like all of us, there is a meaning behind our names. Maybe even a story. The same is true with Kiarad. Mr. Johnson gladly explains to us what it means to him, and what it will very soon mean to Frayser, and the entire city of Memphis, Tennessee.

First off, what is Kiarad, other than the game changer Frayser deserves? Kiarad is a staffing agency designed to help employ those within the community of Frayser, and anyone else in the Mid-South, who may need a job. Yes, you can allude to the fact that there are other agencies like this around town. With that being said, what sets Kiarad apart from the others? Why should the people of Memphis, TN pay attention to the work going on in Frayser? Before Brian Johnson decided to venture into the world of staffing, he had a goal to employ at least one hundred people to work for one of his other businesses. He wanted to use one of his other businesses to touch the lives of not just the people he employs, but also their families. Brian had, or should I say HAS, the goal of improving the quality of life of however many people he could through employment. Thus, having an impact on economic growth.

Kiarad came about through a conversation between two good friends. Someone Brian often turned to for enlightening conversation informed him how he could have an impact on more lives than just one hundred people. How about doubling that. Triple. Quadruple! The possibilities could be endless. Through a staffing agency, Mr. Brian Johnson could have the means to change the lives of the people of Frayser, the forgotten part of town. With Frayser being a pillar of Memphis, Brian truly believes that improving the quality of life in this community will in a sense impact the growth of Memphis. No. It is not about the money. It is about changing lives. Changing lives for the better!

Kiarad. What does it mean? A generous King. Yes, a fitting name for a business owned by such a kind person. Brian Johnson has started just another staffing agency. He has changed the game. He has done something so selfless and so profound. This isn’t a temporary agency. Brian doesn’t want to just provide jobs for a short while. His focus is to give the people of Frayser the skills necessary, along with the certifications, to attain permanent positions in working America. He is driven to help others build a PASSION for SUCCESS!

We at JustMyMemphis want to encourage everyone to check out Brian Johnson and those at Kiarad. They truly know what it takes to #BeAmazing!

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