Administrative Assistant Wanted

Jayton Scott
A great place to work in a small office environment, includes great benefits!

Looking for a full-time administrative position?

We are currently hiring!

You will be responsible for providing administrative and office support to a department in a medium size office that specializes in various projects and clients.

What does the job entail?

Provide administrative and office support to a department.

Assist with all aspects of meetings and manage active calendars for the President of the company.

Maintain confidential department records and office files in accordance with company procedures.

Assist in the creation and/or editing of presentation materials including proposal, case studies, email blasts invitations, et cetera. 

Prepare reports coordinate activities with screening of applicants and reconcile all reports.

The majority of duties are reporting to the president of the company.


The salary will range between $13-17 per hour depending on experience.

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