About Us: The Kiarad Story


Kiarad’s strategy and goal is to give as many individuals in our community an opportunity that may not have otherwise been given a fair chance in the workplace.

Why? Because the Frayser area is one of the most under-served communities in Memphis!


We believe that creating opportunity through small businesses, corporations, and local government entities will drive the economy in Memphis to the next level. Kiarad is a “second chance” friendly company that has developed a partnership with second chance programs to invest in the growth and development of the people in our under served communities.

By forwarding the initial investment. Kiarad associates will be well equipped for permanent job placement that will ultimately have a positive impact on our Memphis communities. Everyday we read, hear, and see the problems in our communities. The solution is Forwarded Opportunity.

The lack of opportunities is the root of all evil!


Kiarad is seeking individuals with technical support in the computer systems network with an organization in a technical position

Forklift Operators

We are seeking individuals that have been trained and experienced on all 3 types of lifts that may include but not limited to the reach truck, cherry picker, and sit down with at least 1-2 years experience.

Professional Positions

We are also looking for individuals that are willing to accept a direct hire position with long-term needs and usually a full-time position with benefits.



3554 Carney Street Memphis, TN 38127




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